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OZ Lotto produces another WA multi-millionaire

Oz Lotto Wa Winner

A new Western Australian multi-millionaire has come forward to claim his OZ Lotto $5.8 million Division One prize!

The man, in his late 20s, was buying groceries for his three-year-old daughter when he saw the Lotterywest sign and decided on a whim to buy a ticket. The player, who lives in Armadale, checked his ticket only after seeing there was a missing winner from Canning Vale on the news.

He was then redirected by the retailer to Lotterywest, and was told the unbelievable news that he was a Division One winner – and was now more than $5.8 million richer.

“I just want to go home and hug my daughter,” the winner said.

“I always say that life could be a dream, and this certainly feels like one. I’m always reading the news about Lotto winners and never thought it could be me.”

The unemployed security guard, who fell on hard times because of COVID-19, said the first person he was going to tell was his brother.

“I really look up to him and he’s been struggling to find the finances to buy a house but I’m going to buy him a whole house now,” he said.

“I’m also going to go back to school and finish my commerce degree and learn how to manage my money.

“My mum will be getting a new car and I’ll buy myself a house and also set up my kids.”

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