Play Responsibly

01 November 2020 2 min read

While most people play lottery games for enjoyment and entertainment, there is a small minority who experience gambling harms, resulting in financial and personal distress. is committed to providing a safe environment for lottery players to buy and manage their lottery entries online, and does not encourage excessive spend beyond a person’s financial means. If playing lottery games is no longer fun for you, support is available.

Find out more in our Play Responsibly brochure.


Gambling Help Online offers various tools to check on your spending.

Face-to-face Support

Lotterywest works in partnership with Centrecare to provide local support services through Gambling Help WA.

Centrecare’s Gambling Help WA is a free service for individuals, couples, families and friends impacted by their own or others’ gambling harms. It offers individual and group counselling and a culturally appropriate service with interpreters available on request.

  • Perth metropolitan area (08) 9325 6644
  • Bunbury office (08) 9721 5177
  • Kalgoorlie (08) 9080 0333
  • Esperance (08) 9083 2600

Gambling Help Online

If you feel that you or a family member may be experiencing gambling harms, we strongly encourage you to call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or visit Gambling Help Online is a national organisation that offers free and confidential counselling and referral services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This is a free call and will not be listed on your telephone account.

Customer Support

Our staff are trained to recognise the signs of gambling harm and can assist you with options for restricting the spending on your account.  Our team can be contacted via phone 1300 564 047, chat or  They can assist with:

  • Spend Limits
    • If you need help to understand what a spend limit is and why we set them.
    • If you need help to reduce a weekly spend limit.

You can also set your spend limit online, please refer to our Help Centre for further information.

  • Self-Exclusion
    • If you wish to exclude yourself from using our service, please contact our Customer Support Team and request self-exclusion.
      • The minimum period for self-exclusion is 3 months
      • Any unplayed eligible tickets are cancelled, and the deposit returned
      • You will receive an email confirming your self-exclusion
    • Once your self- exclusion period is completed, you can request to have your account reviewed. You will need to write to our Gambling Liaison Officer at Please note that self-exclusion revocation is at the discretion of Lotterywest and is not guaranteed.

Lottery Odds

The odds for each game are displayed on the play page in the “About the Game” section. This page shows the odds of winning each division, how to play the game and view the draws. Our Help Centre also contains useful information on the odds for all our Lotto games.